"Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart"... 

Kahlil Gibran

I promise you are going to nail your session, with a positive attitude and a few deep breaths. 

A great headshot is an investment in your business.

Ready...Set...Action...Tips to prepare for your session.

  • Bring three or four tops with different necklines to choose from.  Also bring along a couple of jackets to add depth and interest.
  • Avoid fine patterns as they look strange on screens. 
  • If you want to make a statement large bold patterns are preferable, or accessories such as hats, scarfs and jewellery.
  • WRINKLE FREE!  Photography lights show up all the imperfections, so please iron your clothes.
  • I'm sure you love your pet, but let's leave their fur at home...dig that lint roller out!
  • Bring some water and snacks...and your favourite playlist...I want you to have fun and relax.

Make-Up Tips...Think about your end product and how you want to be percieved.

  • For a corporate or teacher portfolio I would suggest a natural, fresh, light look, like you would wear day to day.
  • If you are a performer or artist, then apply make-up that would express yourself or your character.
  • If you are unsure, start light and you can always add more definition as we go. 
  • Same for hair, start with your hair down then add clips or ties for a different look throughout the shoot.
  • Bring along some touch-up powder, a brush, hairspray or some smoothing lotion.  Studio lights love showing up fly-away strands.

Tips for the Blokes...

  • If you shave on the day, use a fresh razor and take your time to avoid razor burn. 
  • Don't worry about pimples or blemishes...photoshop is amazing!
  • Check your eyebrows, ears and nostrils for those wirey stragglers...if you are like my husband he has more hair in these places than on his head  (btw. the image above is not my husband, but he rocks the same cool look).
  • No logos on clothing unless it represents your business.

After the Session

You will be sent a link to a private proofing gallery where you can select your favourite images.  These will then be edited and the final images re-uploaded for you to download and use. All images will be high resolution so you can also use them for printable marketing material. 

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